samples from 2000 - 2015

Client: Paleo Central Ltd

Skills: sculpting, sewing

Materials: soft stone, textile

Costume Making

Mascot Head

The task was to make a mascot to communicate the client's ideas to the children. So, I created this 'animal' by drawing as a character in a colouring book, and by 3D forming it as a costume. The head had to be sculpted first to cast the plastic head. Generous limb prosthetists assisted in the head making process. I did all the other work.

Client: Mate & Mate Ltd

Wood type: pine

Duration: 3 months

Wooden Decor

King Sized Bed

King-sized bed's frame-decor carving. After I received the sawed-off and prepared wooden parts of the bed with a sketched pattern, I had to see in my head how it would look in reality. The client was very satisfied with the result.

Clients: Mate & Mate Ltd, Zombor Csoport Ltd, private clients

Wood type: pine, beech, nut

Duration: 1-4 weeks

Wooden Decor

Decor Items

I made many kind of items for furniture, replacing their missing parts and buildings' decorations. My late husband was a furniture restorer and conservator, and we worked together for years.

Wood type: linden

Duration: 1.5 month

Mirror Frame

Florentine Frame

We agreed with the client that I make one frame for the gilding test and then many will follow this piece. Unfortunately, after I designed and carved this one, they took it and multiplied it with a 3D engraving machine, and they never came back to me.

Client: Mate & Mate Ltd

Wood type: oak

Duration: 10 months

Wooden Decor

Saving Bank Palace

This was my first (!!!) big opportunity to show what I could do with my chisels. I got the 1912 built palace's original decor’s remains, to re-create all the missing items as they were before. During the ten months of hard work, twenty-one sets of complete decor (one big decor has seven parts), plus some smaller items were done. I wouldn't say I liked it when wood was painted but they had to restore the original look.

You can find these today decorating the Palace's building at Nyiregyhaza’s City Center (Kossuth Square), in Hungary.