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My name is Ildiko Hankoszky. I am a (mother of two, grandmother of two, survivor) freelance illustrator living in the United Kingdom, currently working on my first self-published picture book and activity book as a writer and illustrator. (Yay!)

Coming Soon! >> Beyond The Blue Forest << Coming Soon!

The picture book has a beautifully illustrated story that takes readers on a magical journey of friendship and healing. Children will be captivated by the enchanting characters and the whimsical world of the Blue Forest. This book is not only a delightful read but also a valuable lesson in resilience, empathy, and the power of memories.

Paired with the activity book, this duo becomes an immersive and engaging experience. The activity book features coloring pages, word searches, labyrinths, and puzzles that complement the themes and characters of “Beyond the Blue Forest.” Children can dive deeper into the story while honing their problem-solving skills and creativity.

I am very excited and looking forward to showing you! The release date is in August.

The Progress:
My Editor’s Notes On My Manuscript:
  • Editorial evaluation of the Manuscript ✔

  • Discussions with children’s bereavement professionals ✔

  • Storyboard ✔

  • Page Editing ✔

  • Dummy of the picture book ✔

  • Illustrating the picture book ✔

  • Dummy of the activity book ✔

  • Illustrating the activity book ✔

  • Collecting feedback and reviews from children, parents, doctors, and nurses ✔

  • ISBN-s ✔

  • Creating a website for the books: beyondtheblueforest.com

  • Creating Social Media Accounts: Instagram, Tik-Tok ✔

  • Applying to Nielsen Title Editor ✔

  • Revising the books ✔

  • Joining me a Pedagogical Psychologist ✔

  • Revising the books ll.

  • Publishing

  • Sending legal deposits to the British Library

“This is a lovely and thoughtful story with some rich imagery in it. … It would help a child who is struggling with grief think about these themes and parents and teachers are looking out for stories that help children with their mental health.”

“…works really well as a positive and useful story about grief and hope.” ~ Roisin Heycock

Children's Mental Health Matters!

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