Restoration - Conservation

samples from 1995 - 2012

Client: Zombor Csoport Ltd

Place: Tiszaszentmarton, Hungary

Duration: 6 weeks

Pulpit Crown

Gothic Church

I’m very proud to be a part of this XVI. century gothic temple’s restoration. It was a memorable 6 weeks in 2012, to restore the pulpit crown as a senior restorer assistant. The contractor for the building was the Zombor Csoport, Hungary. The restoration work of the orgon was made by Auris Orgona, Hungary.

As you can see in the photos, the wood crown was in a very bad condition, so first I had to remove the many layers of the old (brown) painting. Then I discovered, that under those layers was the original coloured (!) surface, hiding. So, we had to change the concept – which is very common at a restoration project like this -, and discuss the next steps. I had a big support, Mag. Titus Bogdandy, who helped me step by step, as a chief restorer, from the distance.

I remember those days, when only I was in that old church, smelling the scent of history, alone, with my tools and thoughts amongst those old walls, helping that beautiful piece of art to refresh, and renew, for future generations to enjoy the past in its meticulously renewed coat. As the sunshine came through those gothic windows, time stopped… and one could feel the breath of old times.

Client: Zombor Csoport Ltd

Place: Tiszadob, Hungary

Duration: 7 months

Wooden Staircase

Andrassy Castle

I am honored to work with a conservator team as an assistant, with many years of experience in wood carving and restoration.

The Castle was built between 1880-1885, in a neo-gothic and romantic style and this renovation was the first really big investment in the building itself and its history as well. Every area of the restoration had its team to work on from painted glass conservation to roof rebuilding and garden/field restoration.

Our job was to restore and conserve the main wooden staircase. We could finish it in seven months, in 2011, from March to October.

The chief wood conservators were Krisztina Radovics and Mag. Titusz Bogdandy. The contractor for the entire renovation was the Zombor Csoport.